ATACS in Eastern Europe

ATACS AU (Arid/Urban) and ATACS FG (Foliage/Green ) may not have had the same commercial success as Multicam in the US, outside of civilian shooters and some Law Enforcement agencies, but it has been used by various Eastern Europeans nations, from Poland to Pro-Russian Separatists. The patterns were among the first to utilize a process where organic pixels in the micro patterns are grouped into larger, more defined macro shapes creating larger more defined patterns designed to be viewed from a distance.

Polish Special Operations forces have been seen using the pattern in Afghanistan and in training. These uniforms are probably private purchased by the units.

Recently photos have emerged of a new uniform using the ATACS FG pattern. These are probably an unlicensed knock off of the pattern. Not much else is known, such as what they are calling it or what units will be using it.

Next is a trip to Ukraine where both sides are using both patterns and a Russian knockoff called Sand. The Separatists get their uniforms mainly from Russia and some private purchases. The Ukraine government forces are probably using imported uniforms and private forces are buying their own.

The Seperatist use of the camo adds to growing amount of different patterns and uniforms being used by them.

Russian Special Operations Forces have used ATACS. Mainly FSB teams have been pictured with it. The Russian version is called Ataka and both the AU and FG versions are produced.

As a bonus here is a photo of a French operator in Mali wearing ATACS AUOP SERVAL

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